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LEGO Shop Holiday 2010 Catalog

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Here's a look at the new LEGO mail order catalog, enjoy!
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iSavePucks3 (8 years ago)
@smutoys Yes I am
iSavePucks3 (8 years ago)
My holiday cataloge is different then yours........... werid
badkarma103 (8 years ago)
oh man that pirate ship one looks so cool! :D
biohunter27 (8 years ago)
Awesome, Liked
mega gerard (8 years ago)
cool were did you get it
TheCommander35 (8 years ago)
@smutoys lol its cool
Terryfan (8 years ago)
Lego are forever!
Actionfigurexpert (8 years ago)
DAMN ! da deathstar !
Irate Prophet (8 years ago)
@geekmatic lmao. then jig would put like: background is inappropriate :))
Hutt Wigley (8 years ago)
When I was a kid, I used to love the "Idea Book".
predalien3100 (8 years ago)
i gto that today 10/18/10
uberkewl19 (8 years ago)
Not into Legos but hey if you can get me into it Im open. I wasnt into Marvel Universe, but some people suggested it, and now I get some that appeal to me. Aint no completist though.
TheCommander35 (8 years ago)
awsome man! and dude could you find a pair off lady gaga glasses for more sounds weird but i despretly want a pair
MrMaxgomora1247 (8 years ago)
NeverEnoughLego (8 years ago)
the village bakery says it includes 7.5 minifigs. Tower Bridge has new tan cheese :)
commanderbacara198 (8 years ago)
Would love to get that AT-OT set as well along with the UCS IMP Shuttle. The thing I hate about Lego now is that it's so over prized. Most of the $30 sets should be $19.99 along with the $24.99 ones. The only thing I find priced right is the Battle Packs.
NeverEnoughLego (8 years ago)
@LegoLee329 you shouldnt have to, but theyre online too
Irate Prophet (8 years ago)
Irate Prophet (8 years ago)
!! DUDE! let's save for ninjago! a 2011 theme! it's awesome!
LegoLee329 (8 years ago)
wow, I have not gotten the last 2, maybe need to renue subscriptions!
Irate Prophet (8 years ago)
do you have any extra catalogs? if you do, could you send me one? pweaaaseeee.
Irate Prophet (8 years ago)
aww! the village thing! you got that huge village set? aww i would've bought em
Irate Prophet (8 years ago)
AWW! i even spent all my money. i only have 76 bucks left and i'm gonna use that for town plan or city corner! WHY MUST LEGO BE SO COOL!!

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