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Experiential Marketing Examples NEW

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Experience marketing or experiential marketing is emotionally connecting customers through sensory triggers to love a product or brand. By developing a positive neuro- association with an experience customers choose brands that give them an experience. The future of offline retailing is experience. This video contains several examples to Experiential Marketing. Also watch 8 innovative marketing ideas https://youtu.be/Q8FjdVP4Qn0
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Ikechukwu Kalu (1 year ago)
These are great experiential marketing campaigns. Full of insights and practical customer engagements based on sensory triggers.
IMWS Marketing (3 years ago)
gonna watch it later link saved! ;)
Glen Dahilan (3 years ago)
Nice Vid :)
Vancouver SEO Expert (3 years ago)
Thanks I enjoyed the video, I always wanted to learn more about the psychology involved in marketing.
Brendan Mace (3 years ago)
Liked this video a lot, going to watch it again later

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