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girl in red - girls

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i made another song🌹happy pride month 🏳️‍🌈 filmed and edited by me🌹 spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5rDzL33WiYowiXlZhwWvst?si=JFDov3XWSYWsC-3oJ9QtVA instagram: @girlin.red oh and ive made this sorta mailing list so that i can send u SNAX, u can sign up if u want :DD https://mailchi.mp/f7d32596b42c/girlinred
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girl in red (5 months ago)
Thank you so much everyone 🌹( its on all streaming platforms too incase u wanna listen there) my mom just texted me n said that u guys r cute ahhaha ilu guys🌹
bless u. (20 days ago)
girl in red i must be kawaii c:
애슐리 (28 days ago)
I found your song on Spotify, congrats! I love it sm ❤❤ This is officially going to be my gay anthem from now on lmao
• Photographable • (1 month ago)
girl in red Every time I hear one of your songs, I can’t help but smile! 😊
M W (1 month ago)
I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Inspiration is what this song is!
L e m o o n (8 hours ago)
Matthew Gonzalez (9 hours ago)
Being honest... Im gay for pu$$y
glo.cheala (22 hours ago)
I’m straight but this song is awesome !
basicmercy (1 day ago)
iS THAT HANNAH? DOES SHE KNOW WHAT SHE WAS HELPING YOU FILM— *cue rabbit hole of conspiracy theories*
Nicolas Statham (1 day ago)
this video is so cute eek
princess kailee (1 day ago)
ive known ive liked girls since i was 8 and ive never rlly acted on it due to fear of rejection and a mix of nervousness BUT THIS SONG makes me wanna finally break that shell
plushers (1 day ago)
congrats on 1m views !! im so proud of u bab.
peachy moonlightbae (1 day ago)
1 mln views congrats baby!!!
Adam Phelan (1 day ago)
Lol I'm a boy and I've listened to this song like 100 times
okeno (1 day ago)
Yassss 1 million views!!
Sarah Rice (2 days ago)
This song is a whole mood and a half
doblasinframundo (2 days ago)
Really I love her. but idk if she feel the same for me:(
Mary Jane Hansen (1 day ago)
LETS GET THIS TO ONE MILLION VIEWS WHO’S WITH ME edit: holy shit we did it already wow and it’s only been a few hours 👏👏
PianistMiskoV (2 days ago)
The anthem of lesbians
suria richman (2 days ago)
Ur voice is out of this world
pxxchy tea (3 days ago)
pxxchy tea (3 days ago)
everyone rise for our national anthem.
Brianna Seletstewa (3 days ago)
this makes me so happy 😫🏳️‍🌈
Lorie Torres (3 days ago)
I love this song so much i can Honeslty relate to every word❤🌈
Aurora Hsueh (3 days ago)
Get this to 1 million views before 20gayteen ends !!!
Alexander Reyes (3 days ago)
King of Gayness (3 days ago)
"they're so pretty it hurts" too relatable
Emily Rockefeller (3 days ago)
this song changed my fucking life
old ways (4 days ago)
omg I just found this song and I can't stop listening, it's so beautiful 😭💕
traitorade (4 days ago)
You seriously deserve more subs
Kyra White (4 days ago)
Abby J (4 days ago)
Anyone know how to play this on guitar? I can’t find chords or a strumming pattern anywhere
Tala Shakaroun (4 days ago)
I wish I can share this and ckme out and end all the shit ooof
Honey Honey (5 days ago)
LMAO i didn't kw this was going to be a gay song but my straight self still like it. I mean i can just switch shit up (btw a freind send it to me i didn't saw the thumbnail) *This song make me question my sexuality after hearing it* *I listed 2 times i might be BI wtf nah- I'm about to see pic of mu bf (NOT really bf but i like him so..)*
DJ SK-VIII (5 days ago)
EmoXtrash (5 days ago)
I would use this to come out if I knew I wouldn’t get kicked out
Mariza Bärs (5 days ago)
IMM BIII ok that was so cool. I wanna come out but im pretty dangg sure my parents will say ots just a phase cause im quite young but I had enough girl crushes to know... Im biiii Im biii Im actually tearing up. THIS IS A MESS, im mean this comment lolll Ok bye
Mariza Bärs (5 days ago)
Btw Im 12
The tea is SCORCHING (6 days ago)
*im not gay nor bi but this songs cute*
Little Miss Addie (6 days ago)
This video was really awesome
love this great sound luv
Sexual Potahoe (6 days ago)
Haha she has 69k subs
Jean Hupke (6 days ago)
jeon. (6 days ago)
Awh 💘
Manuela Tolić (6 days ago)
This is so pure
Martyna G (7 days ago)
god its like me
Speedster Wolf (7 days ago)
So, since this seems like a safe place, I’ll say this. I’m bi. I knew it since the last 11 months, but I’m afraid of what everyone will think of me. I have a boyfriend who I love so so so much. But I don’t think he knows I’m bi, and I don’t want to ruin our relationship by telling what I am. I’ve never met anyone else like him. So, here i am, a closeted . I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.
Jaz Animation (7 days ago)
See I know I’m a lesbian and I’m open about that and I’ve never had interests in boys but I used to think I was pan or straight out of compulsive heterosexuality, and now there’s a lingering feeling and when I used to really love girls and think nothing of guys yet thought I liked them, I was more comfortable in my skin. Realizing I was a lesbian clicked but something in me is so unsure for some reason and I want it to just go away
Miraculous Fan (7 days ago)
As either pansexual or lesbian, this totally describes my thoughts 😂. I have a crush on this great but idk how to tell her
Angelica F (7 days ago)
about to break the replay button what a BOP (also thanks for responding to my DM!!! you actually made my day)
Golden Sliver (8 days ago)
2:40 me when im home alone
EINHORN (8 days ago)
Clleonardo (8 days ago)
Maravilhosa 💕🇧🇷
thatsomerlyn (8 days ago)
this is so sweet 🤧🤧
cami_is_dead (9 days ago)
every time I watch this video, I start crying. Honestly, your music is so inspiring and it is amazing how you are able to touch on an exact feeling or emotion in a span of a couple mere minutes. I've lived these past years so confused, because I was absolutely in love with this girl but was forced by my family and close friends to cut ties with her, because they though that I was "acting strangely" or "disturbingly" around her. No, I was in love. I've only just come to the true realization that I'm not straight, and honestly i'm so scared. I admire you, and all the other lgbtq+ people who have the guts to come out to the world like this, because every time I come close to the truth I freeze up or end up getting it suppressed again because I'm being told that it's not who I truly am, or just because of the fear of social rejection. Props to you, and I wish all you lovely queer people out there the best in everything that you do. <3 Have a lovely day c:
Knight of Power (9 days ago)
This song has always kept me happy, especially during some dark times, thank you so much for making it; you're an amazing song artist; keep up the amazing work! ^^
Golden Sliver (9 days ago)
a man of culture i see
catz537 (9 days ago)
ive been seeing a lot of lesbian music vids in which the girls are dressed in like 90s clothes and it looks like it's from the 90s, is that a lesbian aesthetic now
Leslie Agustin (10 days ago)
I can’t wait until I meet my beautiful girlfriend :,)
Leslie Agustin (10 days ago)
yahhhhh! <333
emi (10 days ago)
This is cute~! ^_^
Touba (10 days ago)
Cries in lesbian
Shania Rose (10 days ago)
I love this song so much! I needed more songs to add to my playlist to sing with my other lgbt friend. I hope more Lesbian, bisexual and other lgbt+ artist get popular soon. music really helps us
Editing Tutorials (11 days ago)
faith cartledge (11 days ago)
i listened to this song at least ten times, got up and walked into my parents room and came out. best decision of my life.
It's Garnet bishhh (11 days ago)
I wish my boyfriend was a girl
basic beebo (9 days ago)
are you okay
yeah and I'm talking about girls, boys, non-bibary people and everyone else I want to kiss everyone everyone is just so pretty
サタンClout God (11 days ago)
im straight
haley's comet (11 days ago)
i Love you
Rachelle Arthur (12 days ago)
My teen gayness has increased 1000 fold
donnydanko (12 days ago)
she's cute !!
flower ghostsk (12 days ago)
This is so good! Also, whats the font you used? Keep it up!
Zatim Nevim (12 days ago)
Oh girl, thanks so much for this song
georgi (12 days ago)
Ohh my goshh this is the cutest thing everrr awwww
Rainbow art. (12 days ago)
This is so cutee
Love those who love you, especially if it's a girl with high character, personality, loyal... IDK, I'm heartbroken
DamienExists (12 days ago)
girls are pretty and this is fucking aesthetic
kermitins yo (12 days ago)
Omg this showed up on my recommendations and i don't regret clicking on this video akshksh I LOVE IT
Kedi Meowww (12 days ago)
Just perfect
Samantha K. (13 days ago)
i loOOve this so damn much
Lesbian culture is rising but where is my gf
wichhouse (13 days ago)
Straight male ally, here. Great music, first and foremost. Love the guitar, the vibe, the vocals. Also, it fucking rocks. Thanks for the great music.
ninieo (13 days ago)
I love how I can play this song around my mom because she doesn’t understand english besides my sister but that’s all good
pan icon (13 days ago)
I'm a pan dude and this is making me cry
Alexandra H (13 days ago)
Ugh i kinda wanna be gay, like it seems so aesthetic, i dont wanna be with boys, in my class they are dumb, rude and annoying. I wanna be with someone like me, girls understand eachother :). Well i am not sure if i am gay, straight or bi. I have no idea really and i dont know how i and when i will find out. :(
bless u. (13 days ago)
i have watched this an unhealthy amount of times.
Prashis _ (13 days ago)
I love as a human being ♥️
celia ayneto (13 days ago)
i love your style and honesty !
tu es qui (14 days ago)
shit i want to be straight now
YB SB (14 days ago)
I can relate to all of her songs 😍
Shobha Kumari (14 days ago)
Oh GOD!Such a beautiful song😭
Izzie (14 days ago)
My pansexuality is quaking
blair w (15 days ago)
*sees pride flag and title* instantly clicks on video
Melanie Lester (15 days ago)
Scout A (15 days ago)
* phone pings with texts from my gf *
simply gis (15 days ago)
this song has been stuck in my head all day ahh . i’m straight but i still love thiss
Francesca Paton (15 days ago)
I straight but this is in my top 10.
komisches Wesen (15 days ago)
*my pansexual side is showing*
Izzie (14 days ago)
Azrael (15 days ago)
This reminds me of how much I want a girlfriend
Pansexual Animator (15 days ago)
I kinda like this girl and she is a lesbian but I'm so affraid that She's gonna reject me tomorrow...
Jenin Chaidez (15 days ago)
um so it ok if i like girls
Porcelanne (15 days ago)
ugh mood
Sia iere (15 days ago)
best gay song ever ♡
LilHill (2 days ago)
If anyone needs to rant please dm me on Instagram @zabxzamomochi (yes with an x)
TheOnlyUnicornMSP (16 days ago)

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