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Text Comments (8989)
Fitz (2 months ago)
Like the video if you missed me <3 Also like the video if you didn't even realise I was gone LOL
ScratchCard Mania (2 days ago)
When she said I have a boyfriend and he’s home Friday she was lying!
VRider (3 days ago)
Fitz I disliked because of what that guys said about slavery
Aldo Cosyleon (10 days ago)
David Elliott (11 days ago)
how to get demonetized
DARK sorcerer (13 days ago)
I love u
Elijah Beazley (48 minutes ago)
Fa I really needed this video😂😂😂😂 thanks
DarkMagic 2307 (1 hour ago)
I’m watching a some-what pg channel on my Ps4 meanwhile.....I’m watching this shit on my iPad
Josh Galvin (4 hours ago)
Ok are all these guys Australian or American? I'm higher then hell rn and cant tell
TheCutestWaffle (8 hours ago)
Im trying so hard not to laugh because i dont want to wake everyone up
Coleen Tanner (8 hours ago)
Teach Ainsley to play fortnite
olof meister (18 hours ago)
3:40 its a majority draw
Aiden Basden (23 hours ago)
Where’s ansiley
One Lit3 Boi (1 day ago)
"It's my headset so.."
kidd0 (1 day ago)
*unzips pants* *puts pants down* *gets lotion* *puts lotion in right and left legs* You thought u green minded xD
maak me (1 day ago)
lesbian are just dick vegans lmaoo
Cop Car101 (1 day ago)
I think Toby ruined everything when he joined I like him but he’s really annoying
A1M (1 day ago)
I didnt understand the illiterate joke
Speedy Gonsales (1 day ago)
1:56 Umm.. Please?
J-Horse (1 day ago)
When I’m feeling down I listen to these dumb shits and it just makes my day thanks guys
Riley Newell (2 days ago)
I’ve never laughed so fucking hard in my life
Dillon Hodge (2 days ago)
"You miss 100% of the meth u don't snort" "I'm pretty sure u don't have snort meth" "Not with that attitude" the best lines in this video
Raymond Beckam (2 days ago)
lol (3 days ago)
9:18 the same gameplay plays twice
Lilith Kamaria (3 days ago)
actually dead 😂😂😂
My Lyfe (3 days ago)
1:36 when your girlfriend breaks up with you
Rockstar Gaming (3 days ago)
Lord Royce (3 days ago)
I just wanna play with the group one day
reportjousi 3 (3 days ago)
That vet was almost my bros name!
Jesse Hamilton (4 days ago)
Is there a punchline I’m missing or am I reading too much into it?
Daniel silver Silver (4 days ago)
U should have a "Rape is good" idubbbz soundboard on u at all time lmao
Russian Pikachu (4 days ago)
2018 anyone???
Blah blah (5 days ago)
Daniel Jamil Yasha (5 days ago)
cs go
Bg Rockgaming (5 days ago)
I am sad People who kill defaults make me mad I hate camping nubs Because they make me get no dubs Im going to buy some sugar and take a pill While liking my own comment because noone else will Fortnite is gay And so are you If you dont like this comment i will stalk Tfue
Luna-Chan (5 days ago)
You CAN reverse a vasectomy! My cousins husband had a vasectomy and they reversed it and now they have a beautiful baby boy
Ramenuoko (5 days ago)
Whats the punchline... i don't get it. I understand that their both illeterate and that there trying to help eachother out on reading
MGSwag (5 days ago)
Does anyone know italianstallions itstagram
Joseph Castillo (5 days ago)
Bruh racooneggs is comedy 😂
Khalid Aden (5 days ago)
Atrin Tavakoli (5 days ago)
derek burga (5 days ago)
het Fitz just to let you know I dont watch ur videos cause of ur cs go content, i even forget u're playing cs go, just the casual chats u have with urs buds is what keeps me gigglin, u can play w.e else u want and keep having random talks with people i would stillw atch ur content ure fun.
calvin cosplay (6 days ago)
how perfect was that! XD ya cant be ilitterite if your.... DEAD! -dies from head shot-
KawaiiClaudia XoXo (6 days ago)
Fitz gives me life
Captain Canoy (6 days ago)
This Channel is the most active YouTube Sub Viewers.....
jerry jaat (6 days ago)
U are giveways
jerry jaat (6 days ago)
Yes i am like your video
jerry jaat (6 days ago)
Hi my name is JeRrY [email protected]
Mydas Knight (6 days ago)
She likes Rocky lol
Princess Demarco (6 days ago)
What up❤❤❤❤❤❤
Bob The Builder (6 days ago)
7:54 yes, you can
Jacob Meers (6 days ago)
You need to get this girl some more fucking videos manz
aLex (6 days ago)
13:16 Now THAT is a *YEEEHHHEEAAAA* i would expect to hear when i ask someone if he's american. *HELL YEHHEEEAAA BITCH MURICA!!!*
PhoenixSlayer56 (6 days ago)
I’m a girl and I love CSGO..............😒
Trenton Mills (7 days ago)
When mason said “ok it’s rape then” milk came out of my nose 😂
Sky Gaming (7 days ago)
if ur kid gets kidnapped and pays the ransom does dat counts as a pedophile?
Asmr Asmr (7 days ago)
LeSbEIAnS aRe JuSt DiCk VeGanS
Eddyislittyy 1738 (7 days ago)
Why he sound like a basic google translate voice💀
Roy (7 days ago)
Fitz really knows how to recover a shit joke
sayfonix (7 days ago)
its just some horny nerds that needs some girl voice in their lifes
i am a bot (7 days ago)
hey he used the same little clip twice xD
Prestge (8 days ago)
When 4 Adult Men see a Women, playing a video game for once
Thomas Wigfall (8 days ago)
Kyk.kxxmii (8 days ago)
Not gonna lie, I love Swagger’s voice
Pendi Sezaggat (8 days ago)
Ok gokilllllll
Corey (8 days ago)
9:09 wait a min, you used the same clip twice you sonofabitch
Gobo Pelaa (8 days ago)
StRikER (8 days ago)
I am strictly again racism but in every single video, that one fucking racist joke makes me laugh so hard. I'm pissed off yet laughing!!!WHHYYYYYYYY??!
Abyssal Gaming (8 days ago)
All of these guys is a Lolicon.
J D (9 days ago)
Yoink Tehehehhehehehehehheehhehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehhehehhehehehhehehehehhehhehehehehehehehehhehehe
JM FIRELORD (9 days ago)
Italianstallion: no i said if we won Fitz and the others: plays like gods for another 6 rounds
MisterDummy (9 days ago)
There was an add that said have sex save lives?
Trace Da Ninja (9 days ago)
Longest fucking joke lmao
Mayah Gutierrez (9 days ago)
This video literally had me crying after 😂😂
Mayah Gutierrez (9 days ago)
Dislike bar full of pussies 😂😂
Kazu Kid (10 days ago)
This is fuckimg gold
bwatever (10 days ago)
you're a sexist prick, im never watching your videos again you twat
Juuzou Suzou (10 days ago)
well, if they watch this video, they'll for sure know what you did soooo...good luck
Patrick Prins (10 days ago)
9:20 isn't that the same clip
Mr. Banks (10 days ago)
Fucking halirous
doh B (10 days ago)
Stupid sexist pig
Samuel Eraso (11 days ago)
On the first clip, it would've been better if it was john
Galvin Winos (11 days ago)
I have to pause every five seconds to not die!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aaron Mah (11 days ago)
The illiterate skit went from 1 to 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 real quick
Zzzz (11 days ago)
Kept a straight face all the way through
captain_fluff_ (11 days ago)
man you just cured my depression
P0ng_ (11 days ago)
6:46 legit made me spit the ramen I was eating from laughter and now I'm just sitting in awe of the size of this irony
THPOCS (11 days ago)
I just wanna say how fucked it is that this has ads on it xD i love it
kool pineapple (11 days ago)
Italian stallion sounds like dory
Stelthdude (11 days ago)
Italian stallion is another sex joke
What happened to the chick
C J M T z™ (11 days ago)
Make a pornhub account and do a dick reveal
xPRO (12 days ago)
Darkk (12 days ago)
that kinda made me sad tho
Ol M8 Mik M8 (12 days ago)
Men are so respectful
Random Videos (12 days ago)
when swagger started screaming when Grizzy said he was 17, man I'm crying real tears
Naivecrowd78236 (12 days ago)
how is this not demonitized lol
Jerry DeGolier (12 days ago)
Your upload schedule is almost bad as Soviet Soviet wombles
MemeCircus (12 days ago)
*is in a fight with swaggersouls* Throwing punchs* (me)"wait hold up want a blunt m8" (swaggersouls)' "FUCK YEAH MAN!" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Lemminkainen (12 days ago)
Dabbing Mexican (12 days ago)
¨shut up im dying¨ lololololol
Hihowareya Good (12 days ago)
Top Flame Gaming (13 days ago)
7:11 the fbi taking away swagger for being a pedo
CO2taminuim (13 days ago)
I fucking love zuckles accent ,his transition from“It’s fucking tails”“ITS HEADS”
Gavin Retard (13 days ago)
thumbnail like man smelling girl panties

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