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Experiential Marketing | Experiential Marketing With Examples | Hindi | Marketing Series

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Text Comments (19)
joie gahum (12 days ago)
When using hashtags. Dont forget to use tools like hashatory.
Harshil Hirpara (26 days ago)
Is there any experiential marketing possible in service sector (urban clap) If yes, how?
JR Niloy (4 months ago)
Hii I am from Bangladesh. I like your videos. Do more videos on marketing. Thank you. :)
Ravinder Singh (8 months ago)
What about burger shop
Intellectual Indies (8 months ago)
?? What its all on one's creativity
Lipun Kumar Nayak (10 months ago)
Is Jio a experiential marketing ???
Intellectual Indies (10 months ago)
+Lipun Kumar Nayak Which part? Providing you to use free for first 3 months?
Bhupesh bisht (11 months ago)
I don't have any experience in this field bt I veers off my career in e-commerce business.any suggestions??what should I do?
Intellectual Indies (10 months ago)
+Bhupesh bisht Bhai bas start karo. Start is the most imp thing
Technical Jayendra (1 year ago)
Sir I am student of computer engineering 1st sem can you give me some suggestions for how I start my own business for soft development
Intellectual Indies (11 months ago)
+Technical Jayendra Start working on your idea
Simi M (1 year ago)
Nyc vdo..... Par choti hai yrr..... Mera experincial marketing ka xperince hai wid Basskin Robins dey had der inaugration done in a mall near ma residence so dey dey distributed free ice cream per person of r own choice though m nt grt fan of BR bt stil free ka maal kon chorta hai so i had it...... Vdo achi par lambi rakho vdo 5min to rakha karo...... Appreciated
Simi M (1 year ago)
Intellectual Indies apne khud k personal xperince add up kardiya karo
Intellectual Indies (1 year ago)
+Simi M Haha ye topic itne me hi khatam ho gaya. Main bas bolta hu. Then edit pe bethta hu to pata chalta hai kitni badi video hai
Swaroop Jain (1 year ago)
Sir,please banado video urbanclap par
Intellectual Indies (1 year ago)
+Swaroop Jain Haan bhai agle hafte Wednesday
Raghavendra H D (1 year ago)
Hi I'm Raghavendra from Bangalore, I own a rabbit farm which is basically produced for Meat purpose and fur purpose and I have to sell meat for hotels and fur for textile industry, so how to market this one and how should I get into meat business. Everyone wants to taste new dishes with variety, so how can I come up with this. Plz help me in ur view
Raghavendra H D (1 year ago)
Intellectual Indies yes it is legal to sell in India, because the breeds are from Australia and Russia. As per our government rules we can't sell our indian breeds for meat.
Intellectual Indies (1 year ago)
+Raghavendra H D you need to pitch your products to hotels and textiles. Simple. Is it legal to sell rabbits in India?

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