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PUBG Special Korean Girls!!

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PUBG Special Korean Girls!!
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Lourd G (18 days ago)
Who is that youtuber in 0:00 to 0:09?
RayyanPubgProKid (1 month ago)
Korean Are nubs
Fiorella Pereira (1 month ago)
5:17 she looks like Jinyoung
Bri (10 days ago)
Fiorella Pereira yes you right is her
Minsun Fisher-York (1 month ago)
Fiorella Pereira it is jinyoung
LITV ʜᴅ (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/blqFrm8BzeA Check out her channel
LITV ʜᴅ (1 month ago)
Yes that her
Schneiden (2 months ago)
I wonder which server most of them play.. looks fun and easy
keiii케이 (3 months ago)
Erick Abalos (3 months ago)
ㅜㅐ ㅐㅜㄷ ㅑㄴ ㅁ ㅔㄱㅐ ㅐㄱ ㅃㅕㅈㄷ두 ㅗ모몸모모모
AB (3 months ago)
whos the last streamer?
Ink Bendy Ink bendy (3 months ago)
Why do I fell like I killed one of them
Jiwon's wink (4 months ago)
Lmao jinyoung
youknow imNCU (4 months ago)
ko lucu ya :,D
I.A.N.Y Gaming (5 months ago)
Lah jinyoung main pubg.. wkwk baru tau..
Suga’s 3 dolla Chain (2 months ago)
What’s her Id?
I.A.N.Y Gaming (5 months ago)
Chadik 95 it is real hong jinyoung dude..
Chadik 95 (5 months ago)
Ivan Djmeoonk mcm hong jin young kan

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