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LEGO MESSED UP! | Holiday 2018 LEGO Shopping Catalog!

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It's almost Christmas and LEGO has sent out their Holiday 2018 Shop at home catalog with over 20 NEW 2018 LEGO Sets including 75222 Cloud City, 10263 Winter Village Fire Station, and 21047 Las Vegas! What sets did you see that you want? - - - - - - - - - - ALSO ME! Vlogs- https://www.youtube.com/user/MandRproductionsXtra Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mandrproductions/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/mandrtweets Subreddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/MandRproductions My Chair: https://bit.ly/2PWNJf3 ("MandR" for 10% off!) Business Inquiries - [email protected] My P.O. Box: MandRproductions P.O. Box 121528 West Melbourne, Fl 32912 Shop Amazon with this link to support the channel! :) https://amzn.to/2GZWzHS - - - - - - - - - - Best of MandRproductions: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMD-g2GT7XnNhGBKESjflE1428Byprxda - - - - - - - - - - #LEGOShopping #LEGO2018 #LEGOChristmas
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Text Comments (246)
MandRproductions (24 days ago)
What LEGO sets do you plan on picking up?
Rob Umbara (18 days ago)
maybe the winter village train and the y-wing ucs
Alex Carrera (20 days ago)
All Harry Potter sets! (Excluding the 400€ one)
TJ Bricks (23 days ago)
caloahlima I will definitely get an Imperial Star Destroyer if Lego makes one of them
TJ Bricks (23 days ago)
MandRproductions I plan on getting the trains, The Winter Fire Station and maybe more of the Jurassic world sets
xxx B (23 days ago)
maybe vader castle
Salty Crew (10 days ago)
You were looking at the Harry Potter page and I got an ad for Lego Harry Potter
shadow12860 (13 days ago)
Las Vegas eh? 😏
Sebastian Daniel (13 days ago)
I would buy UCS Snow Speeder this Winter.
Jessica (13 days ago)
If Lego doesn't make more Harry Potter sets I will be very confused
wayne lawson (14 days ago)
Why isn’t the ucs falcon in there??
Tretji Ce (15 days ago)
Hogwarts 400 dollars worth it?
Static (17 days ago)
I love it how anakins star fighter is $19.99 but £24.99 in the UK despite the pound being the stronger currency and every other set costing more dollars then pounds.
Angel Mcfadden (17 days ago)
The bus is not good! Reclining seats?!!!!!!
neirboca (17 days ago)
A much better title would have been Lego 2018 Holiday Catalogue (lego made a booboo).
Sonn sobek (19 days ago)
wow gret !
koppola holland (20 days ago)
I think it's about time to put this guy on my block list. jangbricks and brick vault don't do obvious click-bait just to make some money.
Ian McCallum (18 days ago)
It's still worthwhile content if you into this sort of thing. If a simple title makes you feel tricked then maybe that's a YOU problem. No point passing on good FREE content just because the guy would like for his channel to grow, y'know? And it's not even click bait!
Blob Blobbimus (21 days ago)
The winter village sets are all so cool. We have the winter toy shop, train and train station and we will definitely be getting the fire station. I would recommend it because the builds and minifigures are cool
Thonicz (21 days ago)
You're gonna regret not getting hogwarts castle in a few years when it's retired and it's price skyrockets
ShadoWolfTV (21 days ago)
Just got this thing in the mail!
Darko Mitrovic (21 days ago)
Lee Daniel (22 days ago)
He can talk forever. I'm glad he gave a play by play of the catalog. Clickbait
333steez (23 days ago)
The DB7 is sick lol but thats coming from someone who gets lego half off. Probably still wouldve paid full price for it tho just saying.
Nicolas Garcia (23 days ago)
LEGO sets are ridiculously expensive
Marlo Shivers (23 days ago)
If you show the top people would know where you live
MandRproductions (21 days ago)
Right. Which is why I didn’t show the top lol
CCKillbilly (23 days ago)
The Porg lego set is the embodiment of what is wrong with Disney and their management of the Star Wars license...
God Anus (23 days ago)
8:39 I died 😂
EbenenChef (23 days ago)
Christ... just compare the prices to the older catalogues you reviewed.... advent calendar just gone up 100%.... also back in the day a small City set was $3.99, for which you pay $15 to $20 now... gosh I miss the old days
LEGO GENERAL (23 days ago)
Thanks for showing the catalog!
Darko Mitrovic (24 days ago)
Where is the droid gunship and the at ap
Darko Mitrovic (21 days ago)
Winter sommer spring
Darko Mitrovic (21 days ago)
MandRproductions (21 days ago)
Ryan Luis Cabrera (24 days ago)
My name is Ryan
Dang Itshere (24 days ago)
Can't wait for the lego ideas Falcon Heavy!!
Lelbit's stupid stuff (24 days ago)
Buuuuuyyyyyy iiiiiitttttt
Jay Walker (24 days ago)
Can't you subscribe on these in Europe?
MandRproductions (21 days ago)
I wouldn’t know.
TheRob (24 days ago)
You dont need to clickbait. We will watch the video anyway. Bond car is very cool in my opinion. Lego Death star is an awesome set even though I dont play with it, fun to build and love all the different rooms. Itś ok if we have different opinion though.
Caiden Marguccio (24 days ago)
Omg I cannot believe that you chose my question for Ask MandR
Tanki Online (24 days ago)
Star wars is boring in my own opinion you should make a Lego city Custom.
Michael Love (24 days ago)
yes we have all seen the Lego catalogue we get sent it through the post
DP Studios (24 days ago)
Hey what’s up studs
Brick Bunnies TV (24 days ago)
assembly square for brick friday, i hope.
Marshall Waters (24 days ago)
When did LEGO start to seperate the sets on the pages? There used to be a time when the Cityworld f.ex. was summarized in one big double page foto set in a winter village. Was lovelier than these split boxes on every page...
Mauricio Duarte (24 days ago)
Collector frame has exclusive LEGO logo tile, decent size baseplate (you can tear off), and minifig, plus Lego pieces for minifig to stand on..I’d say it’s still worth it... (the cardboard is surprisingly durable, well made too btw)
Gillysaurxx (24 days ago)
Where do o get one of these magazines?
Thomas Casillo (24 days ago)
Yes get the winter village sets. Those minifigures in the Hogwarts castle set are worth that 400 dollar price in my opinion.
Tenacious Taco (24 days ago)
I'd actually love to have the Taj Mahal. The architecture is really beautiful but $370 is too much.
Sets I Want That Were In The Catalog: Lego Harry Potter Great Hall Lego Harry Potter Train Station Lego Star Wars Anakin’s Starfighter Other Decently New Sets I Want That Were Not In The Catalog: Lego Star Wars Luke’s Landspeeder Lego Ninjago: Road Race Of Snake Jaguar Lego Aquaman Black Manta Strike
EdgyMemeLord (24 days ago)
Imagine this guy taking this girl home to smash, he takes her to his room and pushes her onto the bed then she notices a bunch of Star Wars legos
LRMwharf (20 days ago)
She may bang him “6 ways Sunday” if he shows her his mini figure
Stephen Henry IV (22 days ago)
Dog, you saying she wouldn't instant O? I don't know of any woman capable to withstand the power of the brick, my guy.
TheBrickWiz (24 days ago)
FRESH tidez (24 days ago)
Idk if its all walmarts but 80$ lego sets are 60$ right now and i got that starfighter for 16$
Can i g3t an OOooOfF (24 days ago)
i was waiting for those quotation marks with the "UCS" death star
Ummm....I’m pretty sure many fans knew that the Cloud City Betrayal set was gonna be a UCS set. How did you not know?
Austin Eggart (24 days ago)
No save your money you absolute maniac
Captain Lukas (24 days ago)
I prefer the Netflix version of voltron CHANGE MY MIND
Captain Lukas (24 days ago)
Drew Peacock (24 days ago)
U r very wrong about the Taj Mahal. We geeked about it
YourClone (24 days ago)
who the hell mispronounce the fastest car of all time?? "shyron"
Cyber G56 (24 days ago)
I got this in the mail
stormtrooper lego (24 days ago)
Ha I posted my video first. Why were you late posting it?
thatoneguy1701 (24 days ago)
I got the new x wing, the new anakin's jedi starfighter, and the 2017 y wing all for 130 dollars!
rmadness 72 (24 days ago)
Wish Lego would have Superhero Christmas (marvel/dc) sets like star wars and lego city. There are knock-off ons and they are pretty well made for what they are.
rweet Alliance (24 days ago)
Get it it’s worth it
Adder6112 (24 days ago)
yes get into winter village
Jere Traeger (24 days ago)
Is the UCS Slave I still at the LEGO store, cuz I want it for Christmas
CJED (24 days ago)
Please stop clickbaiting ryan
CJED (10 days ago)
nicholas whitehead I’m just trying be mature after the “adult” spoke like a toddler because I criticised him.
CJED (10 days ago)
nicholas whitehead I am a fan. I just hate click bait.
Brandon Soto (10 days ago)
+Salty Crew so you're going to support someon even though you know they are wrong? Stop riding his dick and realise he made a mistake instead of being blinded.
Salty Crew (10 days ago)
Brandon Soto I saw those and I'm just supporting.
Brandon Soto (10 days ago)
+Salty Crew and just because someone isnt supporting someone 24/7 doesn't mean they arent a fan. Sometimes criticism is needed to help.
Chilled Chaos (24 days ago)
I got the taj mahal last christmas its a great display piece
simones games reviews (14 hours ago)
agreed one of the best sets lego have made when rereleased they sold out within 30 minutes at the lego store so someone cares lol
KingRooster RealHipHop (24 days ago)
I'm looking to buy a set on Millere's Spares. Are they trusted so I won't get scammed? Can someone tell me?
SwiftBricks (24 days ago)
Guess what? THEY SPELT SLYTHERIN WRONG! Its not Salazar Slytherine its SLYTHERIN! Ugh I'm *triggered* because I'm a Slytherin and they JUST had to mess that up!
Captain Lukas (24 days ago)
CJED (24 days ago)
*shakes violently*
Joey M (24 days ago)
I liked the Taj Mahal
Khalil Johnson (24 days ago)
All of the solo sets
Sam In A Jam (24 days ago)
TNG Films (24 days ago)
Bricks Inc. (24 days ago)
Gosh dang it, when I read the title I thought that Lego might've accidentally released pictures for 2019 sets
jagofett78studios (24 days ago)
You're telling me that you didn't notice the missing piece on the winter fire station window???!
Nate's Bricks (24 days ago)
Get the winter village theme sets!
JACK BRiX (24 days ago)
Commenting on MandRs videos till he hearts me day 23
Salty Crew (10 days ago)
Your like Kermit on Just2Good's videos
Super Mikuo (24 days ago)
JACK BRiX what you no like my quote?
JACK BRiX (24 days ago)
Cyber G56 and also wow
JACK BRiX (24 days ago)
Dark Mikuo wow
13thmistral (24 days ago)
2:42 shame honestly, the aston martin james bond car is totally worth it. fun build, unique as hell, fun to display and has some play features even. 3:30 trust me, i saw a few reviews on that set and got mine still boxed and honestly, that set is impressive, even though i do not know anything about ninjago.
mrsmissy4 (24 days ago)
I used mine so much that it is destroyed already
BrickByBrick (24 days ago)
What lake in Massachusetts?
Bespin is Boss (24 days ago)
11:41 Just2good would disagree
Bespin is Boss (24 days ago)
Ereror number 3 for cloud City
laoding error (24 days ago)
I want that RC batmobile
Will Matney (24 days ago)
I do not think that the Ninjago sets are going to be gone any time soon because it is in the top 4 LEGO themes right now but you never know
Loki69 darren (24 days ago)
You should buy different expensive lego sets that aren't star wars it's just boring sticking to one theme all that grey yuck
tijn blub (24 days ago)
I got the assembly square set for €170 including shipping, best deal ever
CASEof BRICKS (24 days ago)
Ryan, take the opportunity to get into the winter village sets now...you'll regret it.
CASEof BRICKS (24 days ago)
Remi cicchini got it right
Remi Cicchini (24 days ago)
Spider- Monkey I think he means he will regret not getting into it.
Spider- Monkey (24 days ago)
CASEof BRICKS Do you mean you won't regret it I think the sets are pretty cool
War 2brix (24 days ago)
Great review!!
Dok Sampson (24 days ago)
You can easily MOD the roller coaster into a Naboo theme with gungans and droids fighting to ride first!
Jamyl Jimenez (24 days ago)
Damn....not alot of dc lego superheroes
Falling Kingdoms (24 days ago)
I feel like this was pretty clickbait. They didn’t really mess up in any real way. Just a logo in the wrong place.
Joseph Iorio (24 days ago)
Sets I want by the end of the year: • X wing • Porg • Cloud City • Lex Mech • Sanctum Sanctorum • Vader’s Castle • Enfys Nest Cloud Bike
Obi wan Kenoobi (24 days ago)
Sanctum Santorum is too expensive. Be like me and just get the time stone and the minifigs you want
Naromiki's Animations (24 days ago)
Joseph Iorio I have the X wing and bikes
Super Mikuo (24 days ago)
Why not just get 10 porgs
Captain Lukas (24 days ago)
I’ll get all of those except for lex and porg
Mythic Bricks (24 days ago)
Not a bad choice
Brick headz have not been cancelled I have a leak that can confirm that
On a iPad mini
Will Black (23 days ago)
Google Drive I think you could do, I have seen people using Drive to share files, so I think if you did a screenshot and cropped so it is only the message, it would work.
Will black how do I do that
Will Black (23 days ago)
you can link a picture
JJ BRICKS (24 days ago)
good good ~!
Falling Kingdoms (24 days ago)
I’m glad brickheads are gone. Jeez.
Jason Krynicky (24 days ago)
cardboard with a grey baseplate... if you are buying lego (at double points) then it isn't a bad promo
The Ginga Ninja (24 days ago)
No mention of overwatch, ok cool, thanks lego
TheMajorStranger (24 days ago)
They shouldn't even be announced yet. Lego and blizzard were going to announce them at Blizzcon in november but the picture got leaked.
Vintage Bricks (24 days ago)
Elle Hill (24 days ago)
No elves?
Bobby Craig (24 days ago)
r.aszmus 11 (24 days ago)
Hey Ryan how do u think the patriots are doing this year
VulturePilot (24 days ago)
6:20 for LEGO mess up
CapiBlu (22 days ago)
I feel very underwhelmed after seeing that compared to the title
Andre Hall (24 days ago)
Mess up at 6:20
brickitect (24 days ago)
Lego should just send out a post card with a link to this video instead of the catalog. Just think how much money they could save!
Geek Republic (23 days ago)
No but at least for me there’s something about actually having it- plus not everyone has computer access
Plo Koon (24 days ago)
You don't realize how cheap it is to make this catalog.
LegoPony97 (24 days ago)
That doesn't sound good
Darth Kriegor (24 days ago)
They messed up by calling cloud city a UCS. There, now you don't have to watch the video.
neirboca (17 days ago)
They didn't call it ucs, but it did have they icon.
Brickgo Studios (20 days ago)
Thank you! A almost 13 minute video is too long for what it is
OKbricks (21 days ago)
Hyperlinks (22 days ago)
Gladios (22 days ago)
thank you
Awesome Avi (24 days ago)
Nice you got a ad
Zack N Bricks (24 days ago)
Is the Porg already on sale!
Zack N Bricks (23 days ago)
just got mine for 56 dispite the sign still says $70
Zack N Bricks (24 days ago)
not at mine last week, I will have to check it out today!
Blue Waffles (24 days ago)
Yes it is, at my Walmart at least!
BrickLane (24 days ago)
The rollercoaster set is my favorite from this year but I also need to pick up that UCS snow speeder now that its officially retiring

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